i jeweled like six lighters, made two (maybe ill make one more) mountair embroidered patches, and since my screen printing has been sort of… frustrating i just made a stencil today and hand painted some mountair shirts for the shows this weekend. so far i only have five done and ill probly make about five more. the multi-color on green shirt looks so cute i didnt count that one cause im keeping it. (ill most a picture later.)

i also got an email from la zine fest saying that since space filled up so fast, if i would like there going to have a “absentee consignment table” and i can leave some of my zines there for them to sell. such a nice offer, im also planning on volunteering.

tonight: finish making shirts, face mask, watch daria all night. 

  1. neelytherese said: come visit me at my table! i’ll be at la zine fest.
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